In simple terms if you don’t write a will, the Government has already written one for you and you can’t guarantee that what gets produced will be in your or your family’s best interests. The Rules of Intestacy are a complex set of rules relating to the distribution of your estate and unless you want the Government to have the final say on what will happen to your house and money when you’re gone you must write a Will.

  • Appoint Guardians if you have children (Grandparents and Godparents have no legal status)
  • Achieve significant protection from the threat of long term care home fees
  • Ensure that your estate goes to your children should your spouse re-marry
  • Reduce possible inheritance tax liability
  • Protect your partner if you are not married.Partners – (except civil partnerships) regardless of how many years you may have been together have no legal status
  • Choose the right people to sort out your estate out after death
  • Your Situation can change from time to time so it’s also important that you review your Will on a regular basis. Contact us today to make an appointment and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options


Areas that can be looked at are:

  • Gifts that can be given and tax free benefits
  • The 7 year rule relating to gifts
  • Inheritance Tax Relief